• The footings are set individually and the retaining perimeter walls are of the highest quality.
  • Structure of reinforced concrete frames.


  • The exterior enclosure is made with a 19 cm thermo-clay block, which on the outside will have a 50 mm SATE insulation and finishing system. On the inside there will be more insulation with 50mm rock wool plates and finished with plasterboard, thus eliminating any type of thermal bridge.
  • The exterior finish of the SATE is mortar, painted two tone.
  • Flat, passable cover, with thermal insulation consisting of a double extruded polystyrene plates of 50mm each, and finished with stone tiling. The waterproofing will be executed with heat welded PVC sheet. The dwellings nº 1, 2, 3 and 4 have a skylight to the roof.
  • Houses 1,2,3 and 3 have skylights with roof access.


  • The exterior carpentry will be composed of windows and door-windows in lacquered monoblock aluminum with thermal bridge breaks, some tilt-and-slide and other sliding doors.
  • The large format sliding carpentry will be elevatable.
  • The doublé glazing is Climalit or similar, formed by a low emission glass towards the interior of the house and air chambers with argon gas, improving the thermal transmittance of the glass up to 40%, therefore avoiding condensations, effects of cold wall and with significant energy savings for the user
  • The bedroom windows have Gradhermetic motorized aluminum blinds.


  • The party walls between dwellings will be double, 19 cm termoarcilla blocks rough coated on each side with plasterboard with thermal and acoustic insulation of mineral wool inside both sides..
  • Partitions inside the house to be acoustically and thermally insulated with painted plasterboard finish.
  • In the bedrooms the systems will be doubled, with double plate at the center and double insulation.


  • The main entrance door to be reinforced with steel sheet or other reinforcement to the inside with three anchor points.
  • Interior doors and wardrobes will be veneered laquer wood.


  • Roca sinks, e.g. Kroma.
  • Suspended porcelain toilets, Roca, e.g. Inspira Round.
  • Bathroom countertops are to be of Zimbaue granite.
  • Large-format shower traysmade of non-slip material.
  • Transparent glass shower screen.
  • Taps to be by Roca, e.g. Lanta o Bossinni Oki
  • The interior plumbing is of Geberit Mepla hot wáter multilayer pipes with corresponding insulation.


  • Floors to be of porcelain tiles.
  • Skirting to match floor finish.
  • Smooth plastic paint on horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Kitchen to have porcelain tiles where furnished, smooth paint in the rest.
  • Bathrooms floor and wall finish to be porcelain tiles.
  • Suspended ceiling made of laminated plaster throughout the house. To be accesible in bathrooms if needed to repair air-conditioning installation.


  • Jung eNet Home System or similar for access control, lighting and environmental controls, allowing the control all the functions with an intuitive interface with local and remote control.
  • Electrics to be of top quality by Jung or similar.
  • Decorative lighting led in different points of the house.
  • Recessed ceiling luminaires for general lighting.


  • Installation of television made by multi switch for reception of multiple channels TDT and Satellite.
  • Data collection throughout the house made by optical fiber.
  • Wi-Fi connection throughout the house.


  • The Mitsubishi Air conditioning system with two heat pump conduits per house.
  • One of them will also produce up to 300 litres of sanitary hot water.
  • There will be a SIBER brand ventilation system for each home, with heat recovery units


  • Video door phone in colour and hands-free system.
  • Doorphone control system from any landline or mobile phone. It allows the opening from a remote location.
  • The system allows the opening of both the main access and the vehicle.
  • The system also allows the opening by means of alphanumeric keypad codes.


  • RGB led lighting (with chromatic change).
  • Saline chlorination system, which allows us to get crystal clear and healthier water and less chemicals. Minimal maintenance with automatic chlorine and Ph levels. Automatic disinfection.
  • Anti-slip finish and access by comfortable steps.


  • Fitted kitchen with low and high capacity furniture, hidden opening system and black granite Zimbaue countertops. Oven, microwave, hob, fridge, washing machine and diswasher to be by Bosch or similar.


  • Vehicles’ entrance door to be equipped with exterior and interior photocell and automatic remote controlled opening.
  • Basement with polished concrete pavement.
  • Basement to have ventilation system.


  • Independent swimming pool to each dwelling with saline chlorination system and submerged night lighting. Solarium with green areas. Saline chlorination means reduction of maintenance costs of the pool and it improves water quality therefore avoiding harmful effects on the skin and eyes. The pool will have a staircase.
  • Landscaped area with trees of low water demand and equipped with automatic irrigation.
  • Top quality non-slip porcelain stoneware floors.
  • Outdoor sensored lighting with low energy luminaires. This will mean a significant saving in the consumption of electrical energy.
  • The whole site will be closed and protected with a closure finished with Prodema natural wood, and natural hedges.
  • Forecast of installation of charging point for electric vehicles in the garage.



Maximum efficiency housing with low pollution and energy savings.

It is a residential building designed to achieve greater efficiency for a low energy consumption that favors the rational use of energy, while taking care of the environment, quality and climatic comfort within the house.

In order to reduce the consumption of energy in the homes, an eco-efficient design of the building has been carried out, the installations for the use of renewable energies have been realized and the efficiency has been promoted through modern equipment and innovative materials.

The heating, cooling and ACS systems are run with air-air heating systems. The system is electric, but taking advantage of the heat from the outside air, so yields almost four times higher than systems by Jule systems.

Low emissive glass that avoids losses of heating energy and, therefore, it means a great saving for the user. The glass is treated with layers of silver, the metal with the lowest emissivity of all. During winter, the heat will be retained inside the house, while during summer it will prevent the entrance of heat from the outside.

The argon gas in the air cavity of the carpentry achieves a greater thermal efficiency than the air between the glasses. This works as an added insulation, keeping the interior isolated from the temperatures in winter and in summer.

The Siber ventilation system guarantees the renewal of interior air, maintaining hygienic conditions and an optimal moisture level without affecting the comfort
or greater consumption in heating, thanks to the heat recovery system.

The partitioning system with plasterboard guarantees a lower thermal conductivity, which, together with a good thermal insulation inside the cavities and partitions, contribute considerably to the increase in thermal and acoustic insulation of the house as well as a better and more controlled final finish.

The thermal envelope of the building has been designed with the external insulation system SATE, avoiding thermal bridges.

Presence detectors in outdoor areas and LED lamps, both indoor and outdoor, are an effective system that avoids unnecessary lighting consumptions.


During the development of the project, the optional management for technical or administrative reasons reserves the right to make some modifications in distributions, dimensions, surfaces and materials, without this implying a decrease in the quality of the materials.
Non-contractual and merely illustrative images subject to modifications by technical, legal or commercial requirements of the facultative address or competent authority.
The infographics of facades, common elements and other spaces are orientative and may be subject to variation or modification in technical projects. The furniture of the interior infographics is not included and the equipment of the houses will be indicated in the corresponding memory of qualities.